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Search Engine Optimization

What is it? Why is it important? Do I really need it?

What's all the fuss on Search Engine Optimization about?

A web crawler is a computer program designed to scan the Internet and your website - reading everything it finds. 

When a search engine organises information to enable super-fast responses to queries, we call that indexing.

PageRank (PR) is Google's way of rating the relevance and quality of any web page

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the term given to the process that executed with the sole aim of improving a website's ranking. 

In order to answer this question, let me very quickly explain how search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, AOL and others work.

First of all, these search engines have three primary functions. The first is scouring the Internet for content - the techie term for this is crawling. The second is storing and organizing (or indexing) the content found during the crawling process. Third. They then display the pieces of content that best answers a search or query by relevance (ranking). That's the basics. Now for a little more detail.

Web Crawling is the process during which search engines send robots or crawlers or spiders, to find new and updated content which can be a simple webpage, an image, a video, a PDF - anything really on the internet. This content is sometimes also referred to in some quarters, as Internet Real Estate. Every digital marketer out there will tell you content is king. The more you have, the merrier you'll be.

Right! So, the spiders start by fetching a few web sites or web pages. They then follow the links on these web pages and sites; to find new links and by hopping along these different paths of links, the crawler is able to find new content and add to its index.

So when someone performs a search, search engines refer to their index to pull out content relevant to the search terms which we also know as keywords; and then it orders all that content on its pages in the hope of solving the searcher's query. This ordering of search results by relevance is known as ranking. Google, for instance, shows you what it believes to be the most relevant results in order of decreasing relevance.

Right. Back to the question now. You probably already know what the answer is at this stage.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the term given to the process that executed with the sole aim of improving a website's ranking. In simple terms your web pages have the potential to rank high in a Google search as long as other web pages link to them. These other web page links are called backlinks.

At Epipro Plus, we focus on the two most-fundamental factors that rank web sites - keywords and backlinks.

No one knows your business like you do. Our SEO campaign begins with a meeting during which discuss the finer points of your business - your industry, your chosen niche market, your ideal client and audience and specific goals you may have for marketing or business growth. We take a steer from you and then go away to perform further research and present a Search Engine Optimization strategy that best works for your company's unique needs.

Epipro Plus SEO Process Map

SEO Roadmap and Strategy

Below we will now look at how we intend to deliver the results you and your business will engage with us to. The graphic depicts the general process we deploy in tackling the following SEO tasks:

 - Website Analysis 

This is a thorough analysis of your website to assess areas for improvement to your overall site structure.

• We will look at your site’s content, site organization and structure, how it engages users, and how the site can be optimized more efficiently.

• We will examine the sites of your top competitors to assess which keywords are important to search engine exposure in your industry. We will also examine how they use social media and engage potential clients.

- Keyword Research

Keyword research is necessary for all other optimization services. Having the right keywords is a crucial part of improving your websites ability to be ranked on Google and other search engines. As a starting point we ask for you to provide a list of keywords or phrases that you think people would use to find your company via search engines.

- Competitor Analysis

We will carry out an in-depth competitor analysis that provides a clear understanding of how an where your direct competition is getting of you. This is significant as it helps shed more light on the things you need to focus on to achieve the same levels of visibility they have. 

- Website Optimization

On-Page Optimization

We consider the On-Page website optimization as technical optimization that allow us to increase the visibility of your website to search engines. We do this by optimizing up to 16 Pages, doing keyword research and selection, doing some meta tag creation and optimization (Meta titles & descriptions), optimizing H1, H2, H3 tags, image optimization, compressing and adding appropriate ALT tags. We will also help with page speed optimization and schema markup.

Off-Page Optimization

As Off-Page Optimization is quite extensive in nature, it actually makes up all the steps from 5 to 10 in the SEO graphic above. We will carry out such tasks as setting up social media accounts, posting press releases to popular news sites, posting video and audio clips to relevant platforms and sharing documents on filesharing and blog sites. We will also engage in link-building tasks from other sites back to yours.

We use ONLY white hat, ethical and result-oriental marketing techniques. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process and ideally takes about 6 months to get the best results. We recommend working with us for at least 6 months in order to see the best results.

Find our tiered packages for providing this service using pricing that is extremely competitive. 

On-Page (Technical) Search Enginge Optimization (SEO) Package


Optimize up to 16 Pages
Keyword research and selection
Meta tag creation and optimization (Meta titles & descriptions)
H1, H2, H3 tag optimization
Content optimization using keywords
Image optimization compressing and adding appropriate ALT tags
Page speed optimization
Schema Markup
18 Keywords Researched

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Package


£ 59 per month
  • 6 Keywords
  • 1 Link per day


£ 99 per month
  • 12 Keywords
  • 3 Links per day


£ 149 per month
  • 18 Keywords
  • 5 Links per day

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