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Social Media Services

Social Media Facebook Specialist

If Facebook is your main focus, we provide a specialist to look after your account. They will carry out and evaluation of how your page has done in the past. They will then go ahead to create and schedule 2 posts everyday and post 1 video every week during the course of the month. The specialist will take on full engagement of your account which means they will respond to questions and comments on your behalf.

Our Facebook Specialist package is priced at £69 per month

Facebook Posting - For Dentists

Our Dental Practise package solves the problem most businesses have - time to devote to Social Media Posting. In this package, we post memes and images that share information with your customers like how to care for their teeth - things they will find invaluable. We will post these on your social media accounts on a daily basis in addition to any other things you may choose to post yourself.


According to Glassdoor, the salaries of a permanent hire to look after your Facebook account ranges from £33,000 to £56,000 plus additional costs as well. We help you cut out all these costs so your backroom staff can also spend time doing what you actually employed them to do 

If you would like this sort of service and you are not a dental practise, please drop us a message using the CONTACT FORM and we'll keep you in the loop if and when we do go ahead to release such a service for your market.

Below is a quick sampling of what we will include as posts on this package.

Dental Practise Memes

Our monthly Social Posting package for dental practises is priced at £99 per month

Social Media Accounts Manager

We will manage your choice of accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

For each of these, we will create banners, stories, and video ads for your business that will create engagement through likes and shares to broaden your audience even more with the sole aim of increasing your brand identity, giving your customers value, and increasing traffic to your site. 

This is what we offer for the management of your social media channels: 

• Channel set up and optimization 

• 1-month Social Media posts 

• Posts by a graphic designer

• Posts created by a content writer

• Promote your brand or products

• Graphic images post type

• Scheduling posts

• Optimized with hashtags

• Optimization of Facebook page

• Drive traffic to website and lead generation

• Organic growth of likes and followers

We offer two packages for Social Media Account Management. We will need to discuss your project prior to determine which option is best-suited to your needs and goals.



Manage 3 social media platforms for 14 days,
6 Posts daily - 2 on each platform



Manage 5 social media platforms for 30 days, 10 Posts daily - 2 on each platform

Discuss your business goals and current project with us.



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